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Lich King Sword

WOW Lich King Frostmourne Arthas Sword Replica

5.00 out of 5
The Great Royal Sword of Stormwind

Great Royal Sword of Stormwind Anduin Lothar Prop Replica

King Llane Sword

WOW King Llane 1:1 Prop Movie Replica Sword

Ashbringer Sword

World of Warcraft Ashbringer Fantasy Sword Replica

Agemmel Sword

World of Warcraft Dark Elf Agemmel Sword Replica

Warglaive replica

Warglaive of Azzinoth Epic Fantasy Replica Weapon

5.00 out of 5
Sale Gorehowl Axe

WOW Gorehowl 1:1 Prop Metal Axe Replica

5.00 out of 5
$329.00 $269.00
Sale Shadowmourne Axe

WOW Shadowmourne Axe 1:1 Full Size Replica

$269.00 $219.00
Thrall Replica

WOW Doomhammer of Orgrim Full Size Replica


Warcraft Swords For Sale

So, you have seen the film, felt its thrills and walked into a world of fantasy. Now it’s time to feel the real thing. With Warcraft swords, fantasy becomes reality. Made with grace and excellence, these swords are authentic and beautiful. Finely crafted, they are some of the best, most reliable swords on the market. As soon as you see one of these swords, it is easy to note the impeccable attention to detail, the excellent hold and grip as well as how the sword is beautifully balanced and undoubtedly made with care and attention. These swords come straight from the Warcraft world, they are realistic, ornamental and generally have a great authentic feel. These are officially licensed Warcraft swords, so you can expect them to be genuine and top quality.

 Feel the fantasy

You will feel amazing when you get your hands on one of them and if the style isn’t enough to convince you then the feel definitely would. Though, when you are not too busy safely practicing moves, a Warcraft sword looks amazing mounted on any wall. Let’s face it, it is one of the most obvious conversation pieces you can have and you’d be guaranteed to have people admire it. Having your own sword just fuels your imagination and helps make the Warcraft world spring to life. Can you really think of any fantasy hero that lived their life without a sword? The sword is a fundamental of fantasy, just likes Elfs, Dwarves, Goblins and unexpected plot-twists. So make it a fundamental of your home, though maybe leave out the plot twists…and the Goblins.

Climb to the peak of unique

A Warcraft replica sword is one of the most unique items you can have in your house but, moreover, it is also the most expressive. Why not get something that not only shows how much of a badass you are but also the exact type of badass? Your house tells people who you are just as much as your clothes would, they express your taste and, let’s not beat around the bush, you have awesome taste. A sword is the epitome of craftsmanship and has been for hundreds and hundreds of years. Time doesn’t devalue the beauty of an item and swords are, and always will be, incredibly beautiful, immaculately shaped and exceptionally awesome. Warcraft replica swords are designed to be realistic and beautiful, the perfect combination of fantasy and art, brought together through decoration and fine-crafting.

It brings fantasy to life

With a Warcraft sword you can finally be a part of the fantasy world, slicing your way through the adventure and exploring the ideas written deep in secret lore. There is nothing better than a good story, apart from a good sword, and this piece really ties the room together, bringing Warcraft alive. It is a majestic centerpiece to any room in the house and is always the point of interest and attention among guests. It is a great investment in fun, fantasy and being forever awesome. Besides our swords, any display weapon from our unique collection is worth to have your eyes on.